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Shiatsu susieshiatsu1The Japanese word “Shiatsu” translates as finger (“shi”) pressure (“atsu”). Shiatsu is a form of oriental massage where thumb, finger and palm pressure are applied to the body in order to harmonize the flow of Chi/Qi (human energy). Chi/Qi flows through channels called meridians and nurtures all aspects of the body, mind and soul. Key points called acupressure points (tsubos, or bowls) are found along the meridians and can become blocked or overstimulated. Gentle, rhythmic pressure is applied to the body in order to harmonize the yin and yang energies, the flow of Chi, and the internal organs of the body. Shiatsu incorporates stretches, rotations, and lifts, which clear congestion in the energy pathways and assist the movement of chi, blood, and other vital body fluids.

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hop over to this site Shiatsu massage is a holistic treatment that promotes calm, deep relaxation – facilitating the body, mind, and spirit to regenerate, balance, and heal. Shiatsu can effectively release muscular tension and toxins. Sessions can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind and emotions. Treatments can assist in alleviating many physical conditions including back pain, headaches, joint pain, and digestive problems. Shiatsu assists clients in recovering from the fatigue and stress of daily routine.

you can try here A traditional Shiatsu session includes an assessment of the client’s health, based on observation, questioning, listening and taking pulses using the Chinese method. The Shiatsu massage generally lasts from to 2 to 2½ hours and is carried out on a mat that is situated on the floor. The client remains fully, but comfortably dressed.

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