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news I first met Sharon Purdy a year ago when I attended a women’s fair where she was providing mini Shiatsu massage treatments. I was immediately drawn to this form of massage to support me through a very stressful season in my life. I immediately booked my first appointment and continued with regular appointments throughout the following year. Due to stress, I was emotionally and physically depleted, suffering from fatigue, and yet not able to sleep well. I was also suffering from a variety of symptoms related to depression and anxiety.

best free usa dating sites Sharon is very thorough in the treatment she provides, and I have very much appreciated how she takes the time to evaluate my condition through listening to my story and symptoms before beginning each Shiatsu treatment.

important site As we were recently reflecting on the past year, we were both amazed at the progress and improvements that have occurred over the past year. I know that getting regular Shiatsu massage treatments from Sharon has been a very vital part of emotional healing in my life and continues to be important to me for stress management and self-care. I am extremely grateful for the support Sharon provided through Shiatsu massage to improve my ability to cope and manage during a difficult time.

mujeres jovenes solteras L.J. November 2011/Kelowna

article I’ve had back and neck problems for years and have been all over the place trying various physio and massage treatments to gain some relief. My Shiatsu massage at the Peachland Market was absolutely amazing! Afterward, I felt so relaxed and in no pain. The best massage I have ever had! THANK YOU!

click this link here now M.E. June 2013/Peachland Thank you for the time you spent learning to help others and sharing your knowledge…for your gentle manner, the way you can completely relax me, and the great sleep I get after a Shiatsu session. I also appreciate how you check me before and after a session to see if our goals have been met. Thank you for your integrity. Love being pampered for 3 hours – a rare treat in today’s world. What a great value! The following quote from Leo Buscaglia says it all:

rencontre femme ile de rГ© “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

partnervermittlung griechenland S.T. April 2014/Peachland I have been receiving Shiatsu, (and more recently Hot & Cold Stone Massage therapy as well) sessions from Sharon for the last year now. I would be what you might call a massage / body treatment fanatic and I feel that Sharon’s treatments are some of the best anyone could experience. The time, energy and expertise that Sharon invests into her time with clients is second-to-none. I look forward to my sessions and feel better for days afterwards. When I am a little off-course, Sharon helps get me headed in the right direction. Thanks for all that you do!

T. H. April 2014/Kelowna

I have been getting treatments from Sharon Purdy for many years. I continue to go for regular Shiatsu treatments because of all the benefits I continue to feel as a result of treatments. When I first started to go I had multiple issues that affected my health. These are the issues that have cleared up or improved with treatment.

  • improved digestion and reduced stomach issues
  • muscle pain in neck, shoulders, lower back
  • no more headaches
  • balance of blood sugar issues
  • increase in energy
  • improved immune system

Sharon is kind, caring and knowledgeable. When I have had a specific issue she has always taken the time to educate me on what I can do at home to improve the problem. I am grateful for the service she provides.

R.S. April 2014/Kelowna

I met Ms Sharon Purdy 5 years ago. At the time, I was going through menopause and had several physical problems. I was having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, anxiety ridden and somewhat depressed. After discussing my troubles with Sharon, I began going to her for Shiatsu Massages every month.

The massage therapy eases my anxiety greatly and consequently, helps with my insomnia. Having a monthly Shiatsu session, along with yoga practice and a better diet, my health has improved tremendously. I am fortunate to have met Sharon and am enjoying the benefits of Shiatsu. Ms. Purdy is more than a good massage therapist; she is open to discussions of various health issues, provides helpful advice and is a supportive friend.

G.H.S. A loyal client. April 2014/Kelowna

Sharon has tremendous gifts and healing talents. She has a gentle and welcoming manner, and uses her vast experience to create an atmosphere and experience that is relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating. She gave me a Shiatsu massage a few days after I had injured my leg playing soccer. I had just severed many blood vessels in my calf and the resulting bruising and swelling was causing constant pain.

I kept my pre-booked appointment but asked her to please avoid touching my leg. She very professionally explained that allowing her to gently treat that area would likely speed the healing. I am glad I trusted her guidance. Within days, I was walking as if no injury had occurred. And the entire massage was heavenly. It is always a delight to see Sharon. I can’t wait to experience her tuning forks!

L.B. April 2014/Kelowna

I have been attending sessions with Sharon Purdy since she began her work; first with Reiki, then with Shiatsu, Hot & Cool Stones, and Tuning Fork Sound Therapy. Her special touch and soothing tone of voice puts me immediately at ease while her treatments work magic for my body and peace of mind. I have had several major surgeries as well as some health issues over the years.

Sharon was always cautious with me after surgery making sure that every step of my treatment was safe and beneficial to my healing process. Her gentle, tender, kind approach to therapy resonates with me personally and effectively assists me in my pursuit of health and wellness.

I feel free to be completely myself with Sharon, often sharing inner most thoughts and deepest feelings and concerns. Sharon is always receptive to me, listening with her whole heart. She is a lifelong learner who is open to new approaches and ways of doing her treatments. She presents herself as a fellow searcher of truth. She is humble and modest. Her character is beyond reproach and I trust her implicitly to provide me with the exact treatment my body needs. I feel that every treatment that I have had has been a benefit to my whole being—body, soul and mind—and I whole heartedly recommend Sharon’s work.

D.J. April/2014

I’ve been going to Sharon Purdy for years now for Shiatsu Massage. During every one, I think to myself why I didn’t have one sooner. To describe Sharon’s unique session in 3 words: Personal, Professional, and Blissful.

S.E. April 2014