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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

rencontres filles est susiesound1The human body is comprised of cells that vibrate in a rhythmic, harmonious way in healthy individuals. When stress, disease or disharmony occur, the body literally goes out of tune and its natural vibrational rhythm is lost. Sound healing has been practised since ancient times in the form of chanting and ceremonies involving primitive rhythm instruments. In the present time, sound revives us on a daily basis. Recall how you feel when you hear kind words from a loved one, peals of laughter, a favourite piece of music, the natural rhythmic sound of water trickling in a brook, the coo of doves or a breeze swishing through the grass.

kelowna dating agency Water is known to be a great conductor of sound waves. Since our bodies are composed of up to 75% water, it follows that our bodies are excellent conductors of sound and vibration.  Tuning forks can be used to create harmonious sound vibrations that can access our body’s innate healing capabilities. When activated, the forks are applied to acupressure points found along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body, as well as on the chakras and in the auric field. The vibrations received on a deep level remind our physical body of the imprinted message of its innate rhythmic harmony, creating a sense of balance and healing.

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pop over here A Sound Healing Tuning Fork session can tune the body into a calm, relaxed state or refresh and energize the body. Treatments can stimulate the body’s healing process while assisting in relieving muscular tension, stress and pain. Sessions promote deeper breathing and sounder sleep. Blood pressure and circulation are more easily balanced, and the digestive system is often assisted.

mujeres jГіvenes solteras Acutonic and/or Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are used in a treatment that is generally about 1 hour in length. It is a non-invasive, clothed treatment that is administered on a massage table.